Bright Sparks: Kicking any recession to the curb

- October 18, 2022 2 MIN READ
Image: AdobeStock
Don’t let all this talk of a looming global recession put the brakes on your new venture.

On the contrary, now is the time to get busy building. Make sure you’re doing it right though with these “how to” style Spark Festival events in the final week of the festival.


Future-proofing Your Startup Through the Current Economic Climate

Wed Oct 20, 12pm AEDT

Sydney Startup Hub

What do AirBnB, Slack, Uber, Whatsapp and Square all have in common? They were all founded during the period we call the Global Financial Crisis.

There’s never been a better time to build, but the best startups will zero in on what really matters as they prove what’s possible in this challenging market environment. Join AWS Startups to discuss what those foundations are, explore your own challenges and more.


How to Protect your Startup with Trademarks

Thu Oct 20, 3:00PM AEDT


Your startup may have a wealth of valuable intellectual property (IP) that is worth protecting.

In this online session, IP Australia will present startup-friendly information about IP, including protecting your business’ branding with trademarks, what can and can’t be trademarked, and the tools and resources they have available to help.


SaaS Reporting: Key Metrics Founders Must Measure for Success

Thu Oct 27, 11am AEDT


If you’re a founder of a SaaS startup with a subscription pricing model and are looking to obtain deep insights into your business and accelerate growth, it is critical to leverage the power of SaaS-specific reporting to gain a real competitive edge.


From Stuck to Go! Create a Strategy to Accelerate Yourself

Wed Oct 19, 5pm AEDT

AgriWebb, Surry Hills

Get clear on the strategy you are currently using to not to take action, and turn this into a strategy you can use to move forwards.

Once you have created this new strategy, you can use it in any situation where you want to turn your traffic light from red to green.


Light the SPARK in Your Business

Thu Oct 20, 5pm AEDT

Campbelltown Arts Centre

Now is the time to get your mojo back, start building and come back stronger than you’ve ever been.

Maybe you’ve got an existing business or SME and you’re looking for ways to expand and find new customers and markets. Perhaps you’ve got a bright idea and you want to see if it could turn into your side hustle or even a full time gig.

Wherever you’re at, there’s never been a better time to sharpen that entrepreneurial hustle


How To Build A Personal Brand

Wed Oct 26, 5:30pm AEDT

ACS in Barangaroo

In an age of online influence where we ourselves are the product, personal branding has become ever more crucial to success for both on a personal and professional front.

Crafting a strong and authentic personal brand is the key to securing more interviews, being considered for more promotions and giving people around you a memorable sense of who you are, even when you’re not in the room.


Fintech Fundraising Night

Thu Oct 27, 5:30pm AEDT

Kittyhawk, Sydney CBD

A fun networking night where you will also pick up some great tips and learnings about fundraising for Fintech in the current climate.

Hear about some recent fundraising success stories, what investors are looking for in the current climate and how you can set your Fintech up for success.