Employsure is helping startups apply for the government’s $130 billion JobKeeper support program

- April 21, 2020 2 MIN READ
Employsure founder and Managing Director Ed Mallett
Workplace relations company Employsure has launched a new support service, JobKeeper Help, for small and medium-sized businesses to help them apply and administer the federal government’s JobKeeper payments.

The launch of the service coincides with the opening of applications with the Australian Taxation Office for the $130 billion stimulus package, which pays companies $750 a week per worker they keep on the payroll over the next six months.

Employsure founder and Managing Director Ed Mallett said JobKeeper Help service was aiming to reduce misinformation and confusion among business-owners.

“Nobody knows how it will work in practice, and small and medium-sized business owners are understandably confused,” he said.

“There is a huge amount of misinformation out there. I’ve heard of people closing their businesses unnecessarily because of it, after they were told they weren’t allowed to operate, when in fact they were.

“What we can see from the type of questions we’ve been getting, is that a lot of business owners need, and want, someone to take the hassle of applying for the wage subsidy package off their plate.”

Mallet said when employers sign up for JobKeeper Help,  Employsure will handle the entire process.

“We will go through the entire process of working out what employees in a company are eligible for the payment, and make sure they’re chased for eligibility. We will distribute nomination forms to those employees, and work out the best way we can go about applying on behalf of the business,” he said.

“If successful, our team will aim to ensure a business will continue to get paid the $1500 per eligible employee on a fortnightly basis over six months, and get in touch and explain to a business why they’re not if the payment suddenly stops.”

Mallet said the government is relying on small and medium businesses to deliver its economy-saving measures, but SMEs still have a large compliance burden.

“It is not just about being a successful JobKeeper applicant, but also about maintaining eligibility for the next six months,” he said.

“It’s not just a one shot and you’re in, it’s every fortnight. Over six months you need to identify which of your employees are eligible and who.

More on JobKeeper Help is available here.

Employsure has also built a free Resource Hub, containing workplace policies, communications, checklists and FAQs for business owners is available here.