Datacom is on a massive hiring spree to help the Australian government respond to COVID-19

- April 8, 2020 2 MIN READ
Datacom Managing Director Stacey Tomasoni
Multinational professional services company Datacom will hire more than 2000 people as part of the ramp up for government support in response to coronavirus.

The IT firm is looking to fill thousands of roles to work in purpose-built contact centres across Australiam for federal Government agencies providing frontline services as part of the economic support to coronavirus.

The positions range from customer service representatives to team leaders, quality assurance specialists, training facilitators, operations managers, workforce planning and real time analysts and staff for human resources and payroll based in Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane.

Datacom Managing Director Stacey Tomasoni said the company was working with companies such as Qantas, that were forced to stand down employees to offer them work.

“We are partnering with commercial organisations as we work closely with government clients at state and federal level to support their people to work remotely, connect with their customers through digital and traditional channels and in this case, support essential services through our contact centres,” she said.

“With enormous pressure on these services, Datacom is in the unusual position of recruiting up to 2000 people to support telehealth services and other essential government services.”

Datacom is working with the government to establish work from home employment for many of their existing employees. although the security and privacy measures required to execute these roles which means working from home isn’t possible in all cases.

“This is a difficult time for everyone. The climate is uncertain and unpredictable. For individuals who are anxious about family and about the future. And for organisations which may be simply trying to keep the lights on. We feel privileged to be a part of this effort to support the nation,” Tomasoni said.

Datacom has also enlisted the recently created Hatch.Exchange, which Hatch co-founder, Adam Jacobs built as a COVID-19 response to enable businesses nationwide to rapidly hire stood down workers.

“The placement of Qantas flight crew and operations staff into Datacom’s contact centre within 72 hours is a wonderful example of the agility and talent of those people, and is the beginning of a growing movement looking to rebuild the Australian economy and support the employment of tens of thousands of stood down workers,” Jacobs said.

Datacom has been able to scale rapidly as it utilises innovative technology and new ways of working to streamline contact centre operations, leveraging AI and cloud technology to enable our people to provide both human and tech-driven frontline assistance.  More on the roles on offer is available here.






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