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These female founders set out to change household cleaning with an eco-friendly focus

- April 18, 2023 3 MIN READ
Pleasant State
Pleasant State founders, Ami Bateman and Sian Murray. Photo: Supplied
Concerns over cleaning chemicals and single-use plastics have led two female founders to launch a startup to create eco-friendly and more sustainable household cleaning solutions.

Pleasant State  was founded in 2020 Ami Bateman and Sian Murray with a vision to rid households of toxic chemicals, replacing them with healthier, just-add-water cleaning solutions, also putting an end to single use plastics.

Users simply fill glass bottles with water, drop in the concentrated bar, wait for it to dissolve, and start cleaning.

Bateman spent 16 years in corporate life working with and advising some of Australia’s largest for-profit, startups, government and non-profit organisations in HR, marketing, sustainability, health and safety, and technology. When she set out in her corporate career, she believed that she could drive sustainability action from within the belly of the beast. But eventually realised if she wanted to make a real change she needed to build a better type of business.

The idea she was looking for came in late 2019 during a phone call with a friend. At the time, she was dealing with chronic headaches from a toxic home and bushfires were raging across Australia.

They started discussing just-add-water cleaning products as a solution to both her health and climate change. To her surprise, they didn’t exist in Australia and the overseas versions were still made with toxins and plastics.

Her challenge was then to find a cofounder to bring the brand to life. That’s where Sian Murray came in, with her extensive experience in digital marketing, creative direction and branding. The pair were introduced at a cafe on the Sunshine Coast, Bateman shared her idea and she had a Murray signed on.

Bateman said their products have been tried and tested against the best household brands, and the company is proudly Australia’s only B Corp cleaning brand.

“We believe that just-add-water solutions are the next disruptors in the global home and laundry space as they’re superior from an environmental, health, and convenience perspective to all existing solutions,” she said.

“Pleasant State is working towards a sparkling clean world that’s free of toxic cleaning chemicals and single-use plastics. We create ethical products that make home care a form of self-care.”

The environmentally conscious startup went from idea to market in just 13 months. It raised more than $87,000 via crowdfunding, and are looking for another CSF campaign soon. The startup also won the 2023 Queensland Telstra Best of Business Award for Promoting Sustainability.

“We’ve built a brand that our customers and community of 46,000 strong love and trust. We have a product efficacy rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and 93% of customers would recommend our revolutionary products to their friends,” Bateman said.

“Thanks to this rapid growth, we’ve stopped 139,000 single-use plastic cleaning bottles ever being made and ending up in oceans or landfills, generated 69,000 litres of toxin free cleaning that’s safe for our homes and waterways, and raised and gifted over $44,000 to Take 3 for the Sea and Good 360.”

Australians purchase 23 million single-use plastic spray and wipes every year, an issue several startups have sought to tackle in the home.

Murray said the cleaning industry is in need of an overhaul, and the consumer focus is changing

“We have big plans to make waves, not just ripples when it comes to social and environmental impacts. We believe that just-add-water solutions are the next disruptors in the global home and laundry space as they’re superior from an environmental, health, and convenience perspective to all existing solutions” she said.

“In order to continue disrupting and scaling our growth in this market, we’re working on new products, a retail strategy and investigating international markets.

“Watching our highly engaged community continually grow and evolve has been amazing. We set out to build a different kind of business that inspires and provides hope to consumers. Seeing this come together is definitely a highlight.”