CivVic Labs launches inaugural challenge program

- April 4, 2019 2 MIN READ

CivVic Labs, Australia’s first accelerator designed to help startups gain access to government procurement has unveiled its inaugural challenges and is calling on startups to apply.
Led by LaunchVic, with additional funding from the Victorian Government’s Public Sector Innovation Fund, CivVic Labs Accelerator seeks to fuel the growth of early-stage startups through the creation of procurement opportunities that solve government challenges.
Startups with expertise in predictive analytics, data capture, artificial intelligence or customer feedback are encouraged to explore the challenges presented by St Vincent’s Hospital, Western Health and the Department of Transport.
The St Vincent’s Hospital challenge seeks to reduce the number of potentially preventable conditions acquired during a hospital stay with the development of a platform that proactively predicts their occurrence.  With 1 in 9 hospital admissions resulting in a potentially preventable complication, this presents is a significant global opportunity to improve people’s lives.

Western Health is looking to improve the way that the health outcomes that matter to patients are recorded in their Physiotherapy department.  This challenge is an exciting opportunity for a startup to develop a digital solution that can capture and report patient feedback so their healthcare experience can be improved.  Beyond the program, the solution would have the potential to scale to state and national Advanced Practice Physiotherapy services.

To effectively plan for the projected 10.4 million additional trips per day in Melbourne in 2050, the Department of Transport is seeking to improve their understanding of how Victorians use public transport.  They are looking for a platform that would improve the data available to planners and commuters in a cost effective way. The solution would be relevant to other transport systems across Australia and potentially other forms of infrastructure.

These challenges present significant opportunities for startups including; participating in an accelerator program that provides access to government customers and securing an investment of up to $185,000 to develop a solution that will positively impact people’s lives.

Dr. Kate Cornick, CEO of LaunchVic, said: “CivVic Labs Accelerator will open up a world of new opportunities for startups while supporting the application of more innovative and agile startup thinking to public sector needs.”

“The challenges we’re putting forward to the startup ecosystem have the potential to positively change lives at a global scale. Melbourne has earned a reputation as a leading HealthTech startup hub in the Asia Pacific region, so we’re confident that Victoria’s startups are up to the challenge.”

Startups are invited to apply at civvic.org.au with applications open until 22 April 2019.