The best tech companies in Australia to work for, according to Great Place to Work

- May 9, 2024 3 MIN READ
Kasada founder Sam Crowther runs a great place to work.
The best tech companies to work for in Australia have been revealed, with some familiar faces topping the list.

The Great Place to Work organisation’s annual Best Workplaces in Technology Australia list has been unveiled, based on confidential surveys of tens of thousands of employees at tech firms around the country.

The list defines a great workplace as one with high levels of trust, respect, credibility, fairness, pride and camaraderie, and is split into micro, small, medium and large businesses.

“What sets these top 55 best workplaces apart is the integrity of their leaders and their dedication to fulfilling commitments,” Great Place to Work Australia general manager Rebecca Moulynox said.

“This calibre of leadership fosters trust and cultivates an exceptional employee experience, which transforms organisations.

“Such workplaces not only attract and nurture top talent but also establish dynamic, resilient cultures that drive business growth and enhance the broader industry and the Australian business landscape.”

Medium and large businesses

For medium and large businesses, tech multinational Cisco was listed as the best tech firm to work at in Australia.

Coming in second was software giant Adobe, thanks to 94% of its employees surveyed saying it is a great place to work, compared to 56% of workers at a typical company.

Adobe vice-president and managing director for Australia and New Zealand Katrina Troughton said the high placing is a testament to the company’s “greatest asset”, its people.

“We are proud to once again be included on this prestigious list of technology workplaces,” Troughton said.

“When you combine great people, a purpose-driven culture and a winning strategy, magic happens.”

Homegrown Australian tech giant Atlassian came in third place, with 84% of its employees backing it as a great place to work, followed by Infotrack and REA Group rounding out the top five.

Small businesses

For small businesses with between 30 and 99 employees, Macquarie Cloud Services was listed as the best tech company to work at, with 99% of its workers supporting this.

“It’s amazing to know I’m at a workplace that cares about me personally and professionally and they really do put their people first,” one Macquarie Cloud Services employee, who was quoted in the report, said.

“Being a working mum, I feel so lucky to have received constant support and flexibility from this company, whilst receiving multiple opportunities to further my professional career.”

“Macquarie has an extremely unique company culture that many businesses try, and fail, to achieve,” another employee said.

“You can tell when a company puts people first and makes them at the centre of everything they do, and Macquarie really does.”

This was backed by Macquarie Cloud Services group executive James Mystakidis.

“Macquarie Cloud Services is a tech company that puts our people first,” Mystakidis said.

“Our purpose is to help customers who are underserved and overcharged, but we can only do that by creating a trusting, transparent and supportive environment for our people.

“I’m truly proud that our team has once again propelled us to win this award and rank number one in our category.”

Pendula was ranked as the second best medium-sized tech firm to work at, followed by Engaging.io, Kasada and Displayr.

Micro companies

When it comes to micro tech companies with less than 30 employees, cybersecurity consulting firm Gridware took out the top spot, with every employee surveyed saying it was a great place to work.

All-in-one conveyancing solution triSearch came in second.

“All employees at triSearch are treated equally, and are given opportunities to influence the direction and success of the business, as well as their own careers,” triSearch communications executive Daniel Hughes said.

Katana1 took out third spot, followed by Catalytic IT and Sensible Business Solutions.

To make the list, Great Place to Work takes the confidential quantitative and qualitative feedback from the surveys, consisting of responses to 60 statements on a five-point scale and two open-ended questions, and combines this with company-provided data points.

This produces a combined score which is then used to compare and rank the eligible tech companies.

Best Workplaces in Technology in Australia

Medium and Large

1. Cisco

2. Adobe

3. Atlassian

4. InfoTrack

5. REA Group

6. Mantel Group

7. DiUS

8. Insight

9. Mastercard

10. Prospa

11. Uber Australia

12. Intuit Quickbooks

13. ServiceNow

14. Smokeball

15. X-Team

16. Protecht

17. Crowdstrike

18. BGL Corporate Solutions

19. Tecala Group

20. AirTrunk

21. Carsales

22. Data#3

23. Rimini Street

24. Lab3

25. Experian



1. Macquarie Cloud Services

2. Pendula

3. Engaging.io

4. Kasada

5. Displayr

6. ProQuest Consulting

7. IComm Australia

8. Res Business iT

9. XAM Consulting

10. Upguard

11. Intelia

12. TechForce Services

13. Roller

14. Kallipr

15. Luminary

16. Otto IT

17. Airlock Digital

18. SentinelOne

19. iVolve Technology

20. Ansarada



1. Gridware

2. triSearch

3. Katanal

4. Catalytic

5. Sensible Business Solutions

6. vNext

7. Causeis

8. SalesFix

9. Work Perfect

10. Virtu