Tank Stream Labs launches business services suite for startups

- December 13, 2022 2 MIN READ
Tank Stream Labs CEO Brad Delamare
Technology community Tank Stream Labs has launched a portfolio of business services spanning areas such as recruitment and law to help founders build their business.

The Tank Stream Labs (TSL) Group is a collection of service companies providing startups and SMEs with specialised services to support business development, audio and video content production, talent acquisition and culture solutions, legal, HR and intellectual property services, event management, branding and marketing, and software development.

The first four services on offer are Tank Stream Recruitment, Tank Stream Studios, Tank Stream Legal, and Tank Stream Events. Another four will be launched in early 2023.

TSL CEO Bradley Delamare has the idea for the solution as he witnessed the post-Covid talent issues companies were grappling with.

“In our 10 years of helping startups, we have seen first hand how challenging it can be for businesses to access key services essential for business growth,” he said.

“Usually by being part of a large community like Tank Stream Labs, there are extensive networks that businesses can leverage that provide solutions to their problems.

“Now, we are taking that one step further by creating a ‘one stop shop’ of all key services required for start up and scale up businesses in Tank Stream Labs so these businesses do not have to look outside of our community. This will allow the founders and teams to focus on what is important, actively growing their businesses.”

Delamare said Tank Stream Recruitment was formed as a boutique agency specialising in sourcing diverse talent for growing businesses and working collaboratively with them to identify and implement the best talent acquisition solutions.

“Subsequent to that, there were other services businesses required assistance with so we decided to branch out and start creating these service businesses within Tank Stream Labs,” he said

“Tank Stream Labs will not only be a provider of co-working facilities and a tech community,  it will be a leading service provider helping Australian start up and scale up businesses navigate business and operational challenges.”

More on the TSL business services is detailed here.

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