Heatseeker is the startup you need to be a better founder and build faster

- April 18, 2024 2 MIN READ
Fiona Triaca and Kate O’Keeffe  
Heatseeker cofounders Fiona Triaca and Kate O’Keeffe  
Sydney startup Heatseeker, which uses AI to simplify business idea validation and market research, has launched the alpha version of its testing platform to help founders speed up the time to product launch.

Heatseeker.ai was cofounded in 2023 by serial entrepreneurs Kate O’Keeffe and Fiona Triaca. They set out to develop a way to understand different markets, at a glance, in real time, and based on actual customer interactions.  

The result is what they describe as “growth-hacking-as-a-service”, with a focus on the US and Australian markets. The platform offers founders and growth marketers at B2B startups the ability to test and learn at scale, by accessing real-time data about their customers via social media.

Social media tests have become a popular strategy for business validation. However, until now it’s been a manual process that requires an understanding of data science, test creation, and results analytics. It also relies upon an in-house data science team or someone with a large social media following to test an idea, making it difficult for new founders to access.

Heatseeker also scans competitor websites as well as incorporating sentiment analysis from online review sites to get an understanding of the current market.  

O’Keeffe, the CEO, said startups can test the value proposition of new products, and run market tests with greater speed and accuracy.

“Our mission is to help founders stop guessing and start testing,” she said.

“But traditional market research is expensive and often doesn’t reflect actual customer behaviour. The Internet provides access to real thoughts, opinions, and behaviours. We want to give founders the equivalent of access to real customer insights on speed dial.”

O’Keeffe said the alpha release of the platform is focused on gathering feedback to ensure it is as easy as possible to both generate their insights and understand them. Down the track they plan to open access to their AI User, a feature that makes use of synthetic data generated from real market data.

“It’s a really exciting time to be an entrepreneur,” O’Keeffe said. “The amount of data being shared now makes it easier than ever to figure out how your product or service fits into an existing need.”

Her cofounder and chief product officer Fiona Triaca said founders should look at them as a growth engine for businesses that need a self-serve way to run data experiments.

“Heatseeker’s purpose is to serve founders and their teams,” she said.

“We want to be the growth engine for your business, so you can back up your product decisions with data.”

To get there, the startup is currently raising its pre-Seed round with Dom Pym’s Euphemia and other angel investors already committing $650,000 towards a $1.3 million target raise. 

“By reducing startup failure rates and expediting product iterations, Heatseeker not only propels company success stories but also enhances the overall resilience and dynamism of the startup ecosystem,” Pym said. 

To use Heatseeker in its alpha form, sign up at Heatseeker.ai 



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