Environmental consultancy Lifecycles launches hack shop to help startups create sustainable products

- April 3, 2023 < 1 MIN READ
Lifecycles founder
Lifecycles Labs founder Tim Grant. Photo: Supplied
Melbourne environmental consultancy, Lifecycles has launched a program to help organisations and startups carve clear pathways to building sustainable products. 

The consultancy does life-cycle assessments (LCA) and shares methods for analysing the impacts of products and services.

Assessment results help companies maximise environmental innovation, minimise negative consequences, and determine the best way to prove and promote their environmental credentials.

The half-day hackathons are run once a month in Collingwood, Victoria, and cost $3,500 for two people from the same company. 

Lifecycles Lab’s client base includes Woolworths, the Victorian and Australian governments, Telstra, Diageo, and Origin Energy.

Founder Tim Grant said most eco-conscious businesses don’t engage LCA  consultancies early due to the cost and time involved, yet 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are determined during the design phase.

“Lifecycles Lab exists to bring environmental analysis to early development. Rather than relying  on gut feel and a google search, we put ideas under the blow torch to see how the numbers  stack up,” he said.

“So many seemingly inconsequential decisions at the early stage can lock in some  unwanted environmental baggage.” 

The program includes an hour of pre-workshop consultation, six hours of training and workshopping, access to LCA practitioner, software, data for the Lab Day, and a summary report on initial findings.

With increased scrutiny of companies’ climate credentials in the startup space, Grant said Lifecycle offers a fast and affordable solution to kick-start businesses.

“The LCA hackathon provides a way to bridge the gap between motivation and know-how,” he said.

“It essentially helps entrepreneurs find where their product or service sits in terms of environmental performance, identifying key opportunities, key resources, and pathways to verification as well  as a demonstration of environmental bona fides.” 

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