Bright Sparks: 3 things you need to see this week

- February 9, 2021 2 MIN READ
Investor and startup entrepreneur Jason Calacanis.

Welcome to our new weekly column on the important things the startup to see and do for the ANZ startup community, brought to you by the director of the Spark Festival, Maxine Sherrin.

Every Tuesday she’ll pick out 3 things worth putting in the dairy for the week ahead. If you’d like to know more, sign up to the Weekly Sparks, Maxine’s roundup of all that’s on in Australian tech and startups. 


Founder Institute Pitch Event with Jason Calacanis

Thu Feb 11, 12:30PM AEDT


When LAUNCH Festival came to Sydney a few years back a highlight of the event was the lightning pitches. Not so much for the pitches themselves, but for our host Jason Calacanis’ critique and feedback. The man has an uncanny ability to quickly sense and articulate where the value in an idea might be. His pitch feedback was priceless not just for the founders who were pitching but also for the audience.

Catch this event from Founder Institute Sydney for an opportunity to see some promising pre-seed startups from across the globe and hear from entrepreneur and angel investor Jason Calacanis.

Nurturing Neurodiverse Talent in the Workplace

Thu Feb 11, 1:00PM AEDT


Rachel Worsley is an alumnus of the Remarkable Accelerator. She’s also the founder of Neurodiversity Media, an organisation on a mission to equip neurodivergent professionals with accessible resources to unleash their potential at work.

Keen to see how your organisation can attract neurodiverse talent and start hiring people who really do “think differently”? Make sure you catch this session hosted by General Assembly Sydney.


Increasing your SaaS Trial Conversions Without Developer Involvement 

Tue Feb 16, 8:00AM AEDT


This event brought to you by Blackbird has such a dry title, you’d be forgiven for passing it over.

But if you’re an early-stage founder trying to get your head around how you can put in place an experimental and iterative approach to improving your customer journey, without the whole process grinding to a halt because of developer bottlenecks, this could well be the most important session you see this year. 


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