BEERS, BETS, BANTAMS & BLEACH: The dramatic shift in what Australians now search for online

- April 8, 2020 2 MIN READ
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Being stuck at home has Australians rethinking what they’ll do with their time, prompting dramatic changes in what they’re searching for online.

Yellow Online has been tracking online searches over the past fortnight, finding a 914% increase nationally in searches for fitness equipment, led by the ACT with searches up 1,442%, Victoria (1,084%) and NSW (1,001%).

Fitness isn’t the only thing on the hive mind – DIY, is also popular, especially when it comes to making your own beer. Searches for home brewery kits are up 185% nationally – 280% in Queensland, while maintaining a clean environment to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has now doubt led to a 315% spike in searches for cleaning products and supplies, while prepping for winter has seen searches for firewood rise 445% nationally, including 507% in Victoria.

And betting appears to be top of the national psyche, with searches for TAB outlets up a staggering 2000% in Tasmania searches and 897% in Queensland amid the national increase of 336%.

And our obsession with chickens, which led to toilet paper-levels scarcity for anyone looking to buy a live bird for the backyard chook shed. Searches for poultry farms and dealers increased by 362%, while the hunt for poultry supplies rose by 140%, including a 400% increase in the ACT, alongside a 212% jump in searches for for egg merchants, including 500% in Tasmania.

Yellow’s Chief Revenue Officer Elise Balsillie said one particular increase surprised her.

“There has been a 111% increase in searches for dog breeders. I guess for young families at home there is nothing more distracting than caring for a puppy. It would be a great time to put the training in as we are pretty much housebound,” she said.

The biggest increase for dog breeders was in NSW (143%) followed by 134% in the ACT and 122% in Victoria.

And the NBN is also on our minds, according to Balsillie.

“People at home also seem to be getting frustrated with their internet speeds. For the first time we have had a 43% increase in searches for internet service providers, with a 200% increase in the ACT and 100% in Tasmania,” she said.

Yellow, the former Yellow Pages, is now a digital business and has around 1.5 million SMEs listed on it.


Here are the biggest search increases, by state, that Yellow monitored over the past week.

State Goods/service Percentage increase
NSW Fitness Equipment




Queensland TABs

Fitness Equipment



Tasmania TABs

Egg merchants

Fitness Equipment




Victoria Fitness Equipment




WA Fitness Equipment




ACT Fitness Equipment

Chemical Supplies







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