TWO IS ENOUGH: Australia ramps up isolation limits, with two-person rule in public, and stops rental evictions

- March 29, 2020 2 MIN READ
Dinner for One.


Public gatherings will be limited to two people under new rules to deal with coronavirus in Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

The new rules means previously allowed outdoor personal training sessions are cut to one-on-one, and skate parks and playgrounds will close from Monday.

“In addition, public areas – public playgrounds, outside gyms and skateparks – will be closed as from tomorrow and boot camps will be reduced to two, which doesn’t really make it a boot camp, that makes it a private session with your trainer for those who are accessing those services,” the Prime Minister said.

He said people should remain at home except for shopping for essentials, medical or compassionate reasons, exercise or work if it can’t be done remotely.

“When you are going out for shopping, you should be going for just stuff you need and do it and get home. It is not a time for browsing. It is not a time for catching up with friends or bumping into people and having a long conversation,” he said.

People over 70 should stay at home and self-isolate, the PM said.

“This does not mean they cannot go outside,” he said.

“They can go outside and be accompanied by a support person for the purposes of getting fresh air and recreation, but should limit contact with others as much as possible.

“These arrangements should also apply to those with chronic illness over 60, and Indigenous persons over the age of 50.”

Eviction bans

Prime Minister Morrison announced a temporary ban on evictions from rental properties too.

The rule applies to both commercial and residential properties.

“State and Territories will be moving to put a moratorium on evictions of persons as a result of financial distress if they are unable to meet their commitments,” he said.

“And so there would be a moratorium on evictions for the next six months under those rental arrangements.”

The PM said he wants people “sit down and work this out” adding “there is no rule book for this”.


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