Aussie agrifood tech founders head to Israel seeking global growth

- April 12, 2019 2 MIN READ

Bridge Hub has announced that six agri and food tech founders from Australia have been selected for intensive program in Israel to further their growth and global visibility. Supported by Bridge Hub and Austrade, the Agri and Food Tech Founders Israel Bootcamp includes participants from across Australia with a variety of innovative startups.

The following founders will be part of the bootcamp:

  • David Finlay – MPT AgTech
  • Sam Duncan – Farmlab
  • Scott Glover – Agriace
  • Lisa Anderson – ThinkBio
  • Geert Hendrix – Farmwall [pictured]
  • John Ridley – Converte

“Israel has an innovation ecosystem that I’ve looked up to for a long time, especially in Agtech, so I’m excited about the incredible opportunity to go over and experience it first hand.” Participant Sam Duncan from FarmLab said. 

The bootcamp is an important step in delivering one of Bridge Hub’s core missions of creating more capacity in the Australian agrifood tech sector for emerging startups. 

Grant Fuzi, Co-Founder of Bridge Hub said: “The current landscape in the agriculture and food sectors in Australia is yearning for new and more efficient ways to produce food and fibre right across the supply chain. New technologies are assisting in the ability to do more with less, making tangible bottom line impacts for producers and supply chain participants.”

Giving Australian startups access to global markets is critical as they embark on their journey to build a global business.” Fuzi said.

Along with assisting Australian startups, Bridge Hub is working with several Israeli startups to test, trial and prove their concepts in Australia. Their work in creating Australia as the global test bed for agri and food technologies is leveraging Australia’s unique value proposition in the global ecosystem. 

Ethy Levy, Bridge Hub Co-Founder mentioned: “Australia has several advantages that makes it an ideal location to trial agrifood technologies. It has opposite seasons to most of the world which allows for additional testing and shorter R&D cycles. It has every climatic zone, a broad variety of crops, very good branding and high standards of biosecurity. Australia is an ideal launch pad into Asian markets, and has globally leading research. Building Australia as the global test bed for agrifood technologies provides Australian producers and supply chain participants access to the latest global technologies. It is also a fantastic opportunity for offshore startups to benefit from doing product development in Australia”.

Israel is known as the Startup Nation. It is the second largest innovation hub outside of Silicon Valley and hosts over 400 Multinational R&D centres, deep tech expertise and established global go-to-market experience. Israel is a global leader in agrifood tech with over 750 startups in that space spanning from cutting edge drones, sensors, robotics and machine learning, alternative proteins, gene editing and AI technologies. 

The cohort will fly out at the end of April and will touch down in Tel Aviv for a program being run on the ground by the Austrade Tel Aviv Landing Pad Manager Omri Wislizki who has facilitated a number of other missions to Israel. 

“ We are excited to collaborate with Bridge Hub on the agrifood tech mission to Israel with startups from all across Australia. Australia and Israel have so much potential to work together in the Agrifood tech field to support the worlds needs and we are humbled to be a small part of this journey in helping the Australian entrepreneurs maximize their global potential. ” Omri shared.

For more information regarding the bootcamp participants or Bridge Hub go to www.thebridgehub.co 

Source: Bridge Hub