ASX-listed logistics software startup GetSwift loses a staff member to COVID-19

- March 30, 2020 2 MIN READ
A member of staff at logistics technology company GetSwift (ASX: GSW) has died from COVID-19, the New York headquartered, ASX-listed startup said.

CEO Bane Hunter wrote to colleagues and shareholders today saying they are devastated and saddened at the news.

Hunter said they would not release the name of the person, believed to be in the US, out of respect to the family.

“We, as a team, are in grief with the news of one of our own passing away, but that is but a fraction of what the family and loved ones of our departed team member are feeling. I would ask you to respect their privacy,” he said.

“We continue to extend our support to them and all that are being impacted by this virus, especially those who are on the front lines: the healthcare providers, fire and police, military and others.”

Hunter said the company had instituted protocols necessary to ensure the health and safety of staff and others.

“It is in time of crisis that we, as leaders, must step up to look after our team and our community. As such, the Company will continue paying the salary of the employee to the family for the next six months, and I, myself, will personally match that, providing 12 months of safety net,” he said

“My responsibility is the continued safety of all our staff, the continuation of services to our partners and customers, the provision of value to our shareholders and the growth of our company.

“We also must never forget who we really are at our core, as human beings, regardless of the commercial aspects. We are compassionate, caring and there for each other in a time of need. We will overcome this and become that much stronger as a result.

“Take care of yourself and loved ones. God bless you all.”

GetSwift was founded in 2015 and will continue operating.

The USA is now the global leader in COVID-19 infections with 137,200 confirmed cases nationwide and more than 2,400 deaths.

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