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Scott Galloway’s Section School is coming to Australia to teach AI

- July 5, 2024 2 MIN READ
Professor Scott Galloway
Prof Scott Galloway, founder of Section School

The fast-track business school founded by Professor Scott Galloway, the outspoken New York University professor, author, and tech entrepreneur, is coming to Australia to teach artificial intelligence (AI).

Galloway’s Section School has partnered with BSI Digital Learning to launch the National School for Upskilling in Artificial Intelligence, offering an “AI Crash Course”.

BSI Learning CEO Simon Dewar said the new partnership, and a virtual AI Academy, promises a unique learning experience tailored for business.

”Unlike traditional academic courses, Section School focuses on practical, blended and digital approaches, that enable busy professionals to access both live, and on-demand forms of learning,” he said.

“AI experimentation and pilot projects are currently underway in most sectors, as companies search for ways to learn about, and then capitalise on AI.”

Dewar said it’s critical for business leaders to understand AI in various sectors to remain at the forefront of their industry.

“Typically, the biggest beneficiaries of those who are able to adapt to these changes first and delivers a first mover advantage to businesses and individuals that get onboard early,” he said.

The AI Crash Course involves 60 minutes of daily learning for five days, featuring video learning, live workshops, in-depth coursework, hands-on activities, and support tools.

Section School CEO Greg Shove said the issue is not that “AI will not take your job”, but instead someone who understands how to use it better might.

“There is also a focus on personal productivity, which includes leveraging AI to manage your workflow and identify areas where AI can assist you and save you time,” Shove said.

“Used effectively, AI will also free up professionals time to focus their energy on what is really important.”

That’s supplemented by AI Academy, a platform of AI courses for entry level, manager and executive roles, updated every 30 days.

“The academy exposes you to the latest in AI thinking, training, and support tools to build your AI literacy, capability, and more targeted skills for specialist roles and functions,” Shove said.

Find out more about the BSI Digital AI Crash course and Academy at bsidigital.com.au.