AI/Machine Learning

Droneshield hoping to access secret electronic warfare Defence contracts

- September 8, 2022 2 MIN READ

ASX-listed defence tech company Droneshield has been picked to join a Department of Defence panel that it hopes will get it signed onto some top secret government contracts. The Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (ISREW) Standing Offer taps companies to test and develop mission support systems directly with Defence, opening the possibility to work… Read more »

I Robot
AI/Machine Learning

A robot breaking a 7-year-old Chess player’s finger is a reminder that stronger regulation of AI is needed

- July 29, 2022 3 MIN READ

Disturbing footage emerged this week of a chess-playing robot breaking the finger of a seven-year-old child during a tournament in Russia. Public commentary on this event highlights some concern in the community about the increasing use of robots in our society. Some people joked on social media that the robot was a “sore loser” and… Read more »

AI/Machine Learning

A Google software engineer believes an AI has become sentient, but if so, how would we know?

- June 19, 2022 3 MIN READ

Google’s LaMDA software (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) is a sophisticated AI chatbot that produces text in response to user input. According to software engineer Blake Lemoine, LaMDA has achieved a long-held dream of AI developers: it has become sentient. Lemoine’s bosses at Google disagree, and have suspended him from work after he published his… Read more »

National AI Centre. Stela Solar
AI/Machine Learning

The CSIRO’s National AI Centre wants to hear what everyone thinks about the way forward for artificial intelligence

- June 2, 2022 2 MIN READ

The new head of the CSIRO’s National AI Centre, Stela Solar, is doing a lap of the country to hear from industry and founders on the barriers and opportunities for Australia’s growing artificial intelligence ecosystem. The tour will spans five states and she will meet with a cross-section of industry, research, and business leaders in… Read more »