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Here’s who can help you get AI into your business

- May 30, 2024 < 1 MIN READ
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The federal government has chosen four organisations under its AI Adopt Program to give small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to provide expert advice on how to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in their operations.

Each centre will target businesses in key priority areas of the National Reconstruction Fund.

The centres will demonstrate how AI can modernise businesses and boost productivity; and provide clear guidance on how to adopt AI safely and efficiently.

They will also provide free specialist training to help businesses and staff develop specific skills to effectively manage AI.

The four AI Adopt Centres are:

  • Boab AI Adopt Centre, a consortium of industry and university partners delivering courses and one-on-one mentoring in AI, focussing on medical science, agriculture and renewables and low emissions tech.
  • Digital Transformation Australia, leveraging the Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Hub to provide manufacturing SMEs a tangible pathway to understanding how AI can help their individual businesses.
  • elevenM, guiding SMEs through design and implementation of AI solutions with a focus on workflow and governance solutions.
  • Redgrid Internet of Energy Enterprises, focussing on regional SMEs, particularly in agriculture, forestry and fisheries and renewable technologies.

They were chosen through a competitive grant process, with the program worth $17 million.

To find out more at business.gov.au/aiadopt.