Here are the 15 amazing AI startups in Build Club’s first cohort – and the winners heading to San Francisco to pitch to US VCs

- June 22, 2024 6 MIN READ
The founders in the inaugural Build Club Accelerator cohort
If Build Club founder Annie Liao needs a motto, it should be “Move fast and make things”.

This week, the 15 artificial intelligence (AI) startups accepted into the inaugural Build Club Accelerator graduated after an intensive six weeks, culminating in Monday’s Demo Day.

Liao set out to create an accelerator program backing technical AI engineers and researchers to build the next “one person unicorn”.

The excitement around the project was evidenced by around 400 people turning up to The Collider at the Sydney Scaleup Hub on Monday night to hear from the startups involved. The founders of four startups: learning edtech DoryAI, large language models trainer Unsloth AI, legaltech chronology creator Mary Technology, and Verve, an AI copilot for data analytics, are heading to San Francisco to pitch their ideas to VCs in Silicon Valley as part of a tour of the region, dubbed the “AI capital of the world”.

Build Club’s Annie Liao said the the cohort became like a family over the last six weeks, coworking together 7 days a week, and even co-habiting in ‘AI hacker house’ as they build high performance teams together. Their success already spans being accepted into the Y Combinator program and multiple teams with VC term sheet offers.

“What’s different about this accelerator is the emphasis of lifting each other up. When I was in on Friday after the week, I saw two teams make customer intros for each other and one team close investments on a customer call – we all went out to get dinner together that night,” Liao said.

“This is what Build Club is about and very much inspired by San Francisco’s pay it forward spirit. Throughout the last weeks we have had so many, and co-working every weekend, with plenty of 1am finishes together – Build Club never sleeps. The whole cohort has accelerated the pace they are shipping at together. It’s like we have now become family. We even have Friday dinners and retros together organically.”

Liao said that with the startups involved spanning 11 industries, it’s clear that AI is creating new startup categories and allowing founders to scale and double revenue faster than ever at a substantially lower cost.

“The cohort itself is a huge wake up call to how AI is disrupting every single industry and the typical profile of VC investment,” she said.

“We have everything from devtoolling to HRtech, and rdtech. An interesting trend has been the rise of ‘developer tooling’ for AI applications as well as founders choosing to pursue a direct to consumer pathway for their products which are typically ‘taboo’ as seen as hard to scale for VCs.”

Liao has now taken Build Club global and is looking to roll out products for its builders and a platform to scale impact. 

Here are the 15 startups involved in the first Build Club Accelerator


Bugster’s Bautista Roberts & Facundo Lopez Scala

Bugster catches bugs in your software products before your users do.

With just a product URL, Bugster maps an entire app and creates hundreds of tests in minutes, not months and for a fraction of the cost.

Devs and Product Teams can integrate Bugster into their development pipeline and start shipping faster with confidence.




Sukara Tech founder Nivaaz Sehmbhi

Sukara Tech is transforming the digital landscape by promoting transparency between creators, brands, and consumers.

They are building a suite of AI-powered tools that enable creators to grow their audience and monetise faster. By allowing shoppers to find and support creators that align with their values, we are fostering conscious consumerism and giving power back to the audience.

Born out of personal experience and driven by a commitment to simplicity and user-friendly design, Sukara Tech is revolutionising the way we interact online.



Dory AI’s Pete Tran & Ethan Trang

DoryAI is an AI educational tool that helps you create flashcards, quizzes, and notes from anything, including files, videos, and websites.

Along with their writing & research copilot, you can summarise sources, generate citations, and autocomplete sentences. Spend less time on redundant tasks, and more time learning and teaching effectively. 



Unsloth cofounder Daniel Han

Unsloth AI is working to make training AI models faster and more efficient.

Their open source package makes language model fine-tuning 2x faster and use 70% less memory. Their pro offering makes it 30x faster with 90% less memory usage.

They also make inference, pretraining more efficient, and we’re building a developer platform for efficient finetuning, RAG and prompting.



Fairgo founder Julian Bright

Fairgo.ai is developing an AI agent designed to assist talent acquisition teams and hiring managers in managing high volumes of candidates.

Their solution takes care of the screening and assessment process by leveraging live conversational video interviews. Candidates can showcase their experience by answering a series of role-specific questions, with tailored follow-up inquiries.

Their platform captures more comprehensive data than high-level phone calls or one-way video interviews, accelerating the hiring process by 4X and mitigating unconscious bias in traditional hiring practices. This results in significant cost savings for companies and an improved experience for candidates.



Anthurium’s Stephen Ma & Phil Kiossoglou 

anthurium.ai by Jaffle Labs offers an AI-driven platform that enables sales representatives to engage in mock sales calls tailored to a variety of practice scenarios.

The product allows users to hone skills such as objection handling or closing techniques, and adjusts the virtual customer’s personality and responses accordingly.

These customisable interactions are designed to simulate a wide range of client temperaments and industry-specific dialogues, readying sales professionals for a diverse set of real-world selling situations.



Operator founder Joel Tankard

Operator organises unorganised people by doing 2 things: 

  1. Managing your emails, messages, notes & tasks across all your apps. 
  2. Taking all this context & outputting a simple day plan in a task app of your choice.

 All while running locally on your laptop for total privacy.


The Mary Technology team

Mary Technology  is revolutionising the legal industry by using AI to draft fully formatted chronologies from thousands of pages in minutes, not days.

Their platform ingests documents in any format, extracts relevant events based on the area of law, and provides an intuitive interface for quick review and editing.

For 1000 pages of client information, Mary reduces a 20-hour manual task to under 10 minutes, significantly increasing efficiency and capacity for law firms. 


OD-AI’s Mikhara Ramsing, Tiffany Guan & Cameron Cliff

OD-AI is a map for HR standards. They make it easy to meet your workplace people and culture obligations. Harnessing the power of machine learning, they assess your current HR compliance and help your company become a leader in workplace culture, in just a few minutes.

OD-AI is your organisation development assisted intelligent HR companion. 



ScreenApp’s Bud Jayawardhana & Andre Dean Smith,

ScreenApp makes it easy for users to quickly extract key insights and knowledge from any recording.

With a focus on accessibility for users with ADHD, ScreenApp is unlocking new use cases in repurposing content for education, government, and marketing.

With rapid user growth and a scalable technical foundation, ScreenApp is poised to become the go-to platform for making recorded content as accessible as live dialogue.



runGPU’s Arun Prasad & Raajas Sode

runGPU.ai offers instant serverless access to the latest GPU’s to train and run quantised GenAI models for  99 cents/hour.

No complicated hardware/pod /container setup is required; just simply import a python library to get GPU rich and make your GenAI dreams come true.



Verve’s Elliott Lovell & Victor Wong

Verve is an AI copilot for data analytics.

By aggregating information from a company’s analytics tools and databases they auto-generate a comprehensive catalogue of their data that powers a range of AI-powered data tools, enabling business users to self-serve their ad hoc data requests and data teams to manage, navigate, and collaborate with their data more effectively.



Agentsy founder Tim Morris

Agentsy offers AI agents that help service-based businesses double the capacity of their team for a fraction of the cost.

The biggest growth constraint for service-based businesses is the number of people they can employ. Meanwhile, up to 46% of tasks performed by workers can be automated by AI.

Agentsy addresses both of these challenges by providing specialised AI agents that augment, not replace, human workers. This allows employees to spend less time on low-level, repetitive tasks and more time on work that creates value for the organisation.   


Tempest founder Jack Wakem

Tempest AI enables anyone to create an infinite RPG in as little as 2 minutes.

Developing a game is time-consuming, technically difficult, and often requires massive teams and substantial funding. Tempest AI offers an end-to-end creation and game hosting platform that allows users to generate AI characters, design game progression and story, create intricate worlds, and implement complex game mechanics. 

The games are procedural, meaning they are generated as they are played, resulting in unique and engaging storylines that evolve with every player decision. 

They make game creation accessible to everyone, and ensure a seamless and dynamic gaming experience from start to finish.


GoalGetter’s Graham Herdman, Keven Bennett

GoalGetter is transforming personal goal achievement with its 24/7 AI accountability coach.

Unlike traditional apps that burden the user, their proactive solution ensures real-time accountability.

Their key innovation is AI messaging and calling, mimicking real human interaction, along with regular human check-ins. Their AI coaches send timely messages, make calls, and even contact your accountability partner to keep you on track with your fitness, learning, and professional goals.

Say goodbye to missed goals and hello to continuous progress with GoalGetter.


Artificial Analysis’ Micah Hill-Smith

Artificial Analysis AI conducts independent analysis of AI language models and API providers.

They help businesses and engineers understand the AI landscape and choose the best model and API provider for your use-case

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