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Andisor, the B2B startup that offers wholesale-in-a-box for emerging fashion brands

- January 19, 2022 2 MIN READ
Andisor co-founders Vandana Chaudhry and Katie Fletcher.
In the B2B sales world, growth is usually a function of connections, capital and crew. 

For emerging brands, these resources are often in short supply. For this reason, brands are limited in their ability to increase revenue in a short period, and retailers need to constantly find new stock for their customers to keep them coming back. This can be costly and risky. 

Vandana Chaudhry and Katie Fletcher co-founded Andisor to build a platform that helps brands, their business partners and retailers use technology to make better buying decisions, build relationships and drive long term growth.

Andisor is a SaaS-enabled marketplace helping brands grow by connecting them to a large channel of retailers. 

CEO Vandana Chaudhry says the business landscape is ripe for new technology that is custom-made for the industry. 

“A wholesale salesperson spends up to 50 working days per annum on admin work pre and post-sales, time that could have been better spent building relationships. Andisor’s SaaS

features help automate a lot of such work, driving efficiency and cost savings for these companies,” says Chaudhry. 

“We want to free up time from non-value based activities so people can focus on and enjoy the creative and strategic parts of their roles.” 

Chaudhry believes that relationships are key to B2B sales, but the perception that buyers prefer face-to-face dealings when buying wholesale is outdated. 

“Our buyers and sellers are millennials- 50% of the workforce today and 75% by 2025. They were raised on the internet, and are very comfortable building and maintaining relationships online,” she says. 

The co-founders built Andisor with Antler, a global early-stage VC which enables individuals to build teams and startups that can be global from Day 1, and believe the VC was invaluable in shaping the vision and ambition. 

“Antler’s been amazing,” says Chaudhry. “In addition to the investment, they provide valuable advice and facilitate mentoring from industry experts to shorten the learning curve and speed up execution. Antler’s global network will give us strong foundations for our international growth trajectory.” 

While the business is still in its early stages, the team has already built out a network of brands that are excited to use the new platform. 

“We received interest from brands across the world, and our invite-only pilot has a few brands participating from US and Europe,” the co-founder and CEO says. 

Going forward, Chaudhry believes that Andisor will inspire the sales experiences of tomorrow and redefine the future of work in wholesale, bringing talent and companies together to create winning buying experiences. 

“It’s a tall order and a bold vision, but I think in Australia alone we could reach $100 million in revenue. Given the industry we’re in, we see a multi-country presence as early as 2023,” she says. 

“Our purpose is simple; we want to build a global digital wholesale ecosystem that creates win-win opportunities for all stakeholders and powers thriving, sustainable businesses”. 

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