Migrant entrepreneur accelerator Catalysr has launched a fellowship program

- March 14, 2022 < 1 MIN READ
Catalysr founder Usman Iftikhar
Startup accelerator Catalysr, which helps migrants and refugees build startup businesses in Australia, is ramping up its support for “migrapreneurs” (migrant entrepreneurs)  with a new fellowship program.

CEO Usman Iftikhar launched Catalysr as a solution to the difficulties he faced in getting a business off the ground as a new Australian. The shift to online during the pandemic means the Sydney and Melbourne-based organisation now delivers courses, support and advice nationally.

Since 2016,  Catalysr has supported 520-plus migrapreneurs to launch more than 175 new enterprises including the spacetech startup Spiral Blue, and personnel venture HR Partner, as well as social enterprises like charityBay & The Creative Co-operative.

Iftikhar said that after six years of successful programs, the Migrapreneur Fellowship is designed to help integrate ambitious migrants into the Australian startup ecosystem.

The 10-week Fellowship will see participants learn about the basics of starting and running a business in Australia as well as connect with Catalysr’s network of alumni, mentors and industry professionals.

“Fellows will also be a part of our community for life and can continue to participate in our events, both online and in-person, attend our workshops and access our network of mentors,” he said.

“The fellowship will help aspiring migrants get into the startup ecosystem, whether they’d like to work in a startup or start their own. ”

Iftikhar said Catalysr’s mission has always been to address the issue of unemployment and underemployment of migrants in Australia” commented Usman  – CEO of Catalysr.

Catalysr is currently recruiting migrants from across Australia who are in the very early stages of starting a business now. Applications close Wednesday, March 30.

There’s more information on the Fellowship and applying here.

Catalysr also runs an Australia-wide, free pre-accelerator program and applications for the 2022 Accelerate program will open shortly.

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