Meet the 11 startups taking part in Demo Nights for the UNSW Founders 10x accelerator

- October 28, 2020 2 MIN READ
The 11 startups the UNSW Founders invested in as part of its 2020 10x accelerator program make their public debut over the coming week as part of two Demo Nights.

The first, the 10x Demo Night, is this afternoon, October 28.

The 2020 cohort ranges from a robotic gripper that mimics human dexterity,  to a mobile docketing system that replaces the need for paper receipts and image software for fashion Bandicoot Imaging. Like all accelerators in the Covid-19 era, the program has been delivered remotely through the University of NSW. 10x is for startups founded by UNSW students, staff or alumni.

Around 75 startups applied for the three-month program with each of the finalists – hailing from NSW, the ACT, Victoria and Queensland – each receiving a $20,000 investment from UNSW.

Some have already attracted additional funding while others have yet to hold their first raise.

Tonight’s Demo Night kicks off at 5pm. Next Wednesday, UNSW Founders will hold a seperate Demo Night for the four startups involved in the UNSW Founders 10x Health accelerator.

Health 10x was designed and delivered in partnership with The George Institute of Global Health. The ventures involved have a focus on the potential to improve healthcare in emerging markets and under-served populations.

Both events are online and free to attend

You can register for them by clicking on the links below:

10x Demo Night

H10x Demo Night


Here are the startups presenting at tonight’s 10x Demo Night:

Aerologix  is a platform that allows the increasing talent pool of drone pilots to complete client missions.

Amphora Data is a data marketplace and management platform, connects real-time and location-aware information for researchers and innovative companies.

Bandicoot Imaging Sciences provides retailers with a simple and fast way to capture the colour and texture of the materials and fabrics and easily display it as a digital image on their website.

Block 42 uses artificial intelligence to develop easy to use and cost effective, 3D animation software to make 3D models and 3D animations.

Contactile provides robots with a human sense of touch, enabling robotic dexterity by using world-leading bio-inspired tactile sensor array.

PV Master  specialises in data analysis of renewable energy, providing power forecasting and asset management services for renewable power generation and integration, making renewable energy more predictable, manageable, and profitable.


And here are the startups presenting at the Health 10x Demo Night on Nov 4:

Docterio is a platform to digitise healthcare in Bangladesh by providing seamless appointment booking and video consultation services.

Walking Tall Health uses technology and vision to help millions of people with motor impairment to walk.

MUVi:  A mobile device to detect and disinfect germs and improve responses to infectious diseases management.

23Strands unlocks the power of DNA, providing insights into current and future best suited medication and disease risk based on DNA.

4Eyes is a kit that enables an untrained person to test for and dispense prescription spectacles to correct refractive error, the leading cause of blindness in the developing world.