Whilst Pause Fest offers exclusive ticket only events, there’s also a bunch of free live projects, workshops, viewings and panels that offer some great hands on advice and opportunities. Here is a list of the top ten best must visit events.

Transitions Film Festival Presents: ‘Human Face of Big Data’ and ‘Who Cares’

The Transitions film festival will be showcasing inspirational documentaries about social and technological innovations, revolutionary ideas and changemakers who are showing the path to a better world.  


Envato’s posse of creatives and connectors are putting on relaxed daily events, from creative challenges to inspiring conversations. Every day will feature a Happy Hour that’s a cross between Apple’s Genius Bar and a yoga retreat, where the Envato crew will endeavour to find a fix to your problems.

Clemenger Creative Incubator

This incubator gives you five minutes to pitch your creative tech idea to a panel of expert judges. With a $100,000 prize up for grabs in agency time across the Clemenger portfolio, which can be invested at the panel’s discretion. So make sure you perfect your pitch for this one.

The Explainers Panel: What should we be more afraid of? Working for robots or the people who design them?

An expert panel will de-bunk and unpack future concepts of what it will mean to live in a world where technology can solve more problems than ever before.

Pause Startup Expo 2016: The selection of the best startups

The startup expo is the reason why the festival is the premier creative tech event in Melbourne. Delivered by Australia Post, the event will provide two days of showcasing technological innovations with the ability to meet the inspiring minds behind them. Follow the event with the theme #PauseDiscover – meet your future self.  

The Startup Expo will also feature an elevator pitch competition, with Pause Fest partnering with Australia Post to create a social-led competition where entrepreneurs will be given 45 seconds to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. The three most popular pitches each day of the festival will receive a $5,000 grant to help bring their idea to life. Runners up receive prizes of one-on-one mentoring session. The event can be followed using the hashtag #AusPostTweetFund.

Pause Screening: Meet your future self

Pause screening offers a selection of the best independent and commercial digital animations, short films and documentaries. There’s also a Virtual Reality special suprise for those of you who attend.

Yoke: A brief night 5

This is a hands-on design event series that is aimed at bridging the gap between education and industry. Design graduates, juniors and aspiring designers will have the chance to see what it’s like working in a studio.

Tesla Motors: Book your test drive

Temporarily Pause Fest is putting you in control of a Tesla. Yes they’re giving you the keys to view and test drive Tesla’s throughout the festival.

The Foundry: From here to VR

This is an intensive course designed to introduce you to the world of VR. The Foundry takes a look at various types of headsets, the differences between AR and VR, VR cinematography, live action versus real-time and game applications, VR content creation and virtual pipelines.

2 Square Pegs: Creating the X-factor in innovation for better businesses

Speaker Trang Du will answer and inform why diversity is the X-factor in business success.

The Foundry, Rising Sun Pictures and Tyroe: Battle of the reels

An insider session where industry experts give live-critique a shortlist of 90 second student reels to show how to incorporate and handle feedback.

Pause Fest 2016 will take place at Federation Square on the 8th – 14th of February 2016.

See you there!

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