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A mischievous startup with a social purpose

- September 20, 2013 3 MIN READ

Coalition of Mischief embraces a cheeky, lateral marketing style for communicating messages around social, cultural and humanitarian issues. Their services are catered to non-for-profit and other socially aware organisations – like government and councils, social enterprises, businesses in the health and wellness industries, and cultural, health, environmental or educational initiatives – to help them achieve their social and financial objectives.


Q&A with Zara Choy: Coalition of Mischief

- April 2, 2013 4 MIN READ

Zara Choy wants to change the world, just a little bit differently. Setting up Coalition of Mischief with her co-founder Kevin, they aim to help social causes with a side of creativity. How do they plan to do that? We talk to her about social causes, not-for-profits and nerdy apps.