Moochies is a limited functionality smartwatch that helps parents know their tweens are safe

- October 26, 2015 3 MIN READ

Making the decision on what exactly the right age is to give a child their first mobile phone used to be a delicate one for parents. My sister and I didn’t get our first phones until we turned 16; kids these days are walking around with their father’s hand me down iPhone 4 when they’re in kindergarten. Older people worry kids are getting attached to technology too early, but parents say it’s the only way to know their kids are okay.


Moodmetric’s ring helps people recognise stress triggers and understand fluctuations in their mood

- July 13, 2015 3 MIN READ

Along with crimped hair, the mood ring was a fashion staple for teen girls in the 90s and 2000s. The ring changed colours depending on what mood the wearer was in, and though no one actually knew what colour corresponded to which mood, but we all wanted one anyway. Technology has now gone one better: Finnish startup Moodmetric has created the a smart ring, which actually does track emotions and stress levels.


Perth startup Nuheara, the first wearables company to list on the ASX, has developed technology that lets people hear what they want to hear

- June 16, 2015 9 MIN READ

But Nuheara, a startup based out of Perth and San Francisco, is set to make this a reality. In partnership with Curtin University in Western Australia, the startup is developing innovative augmented ‘Hearables’ (ear buds) that allow people to control their hearing experience with the help of a smartphone app.