The future of content is immersive entertainment, that’s why 8i’s recent funding is so significant

- October 22, 2015 3 MIN READ

Every startup playing in the virtual reality space is putting a large bet on VR devices becoming part of mainstream culture. The media space is in a state of constant transition and very soon the relationship that consumers have with movies, television or even online platforms like YouTube or Vine won’t be driven by social media but rather immersive experiences.

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Realestate.com.au partners with 3D visualisation startup Scann3d to transform the online property ecosystem

- June 12, 2015 4 MIN READ

Australia’s biggest property portal, realestate.com.au, has joined forces with Melbourne based 3D visualisation startup Scann3d as well as property developer BPM, to transform the online property ecosystem. As a result, rather than house hunters and property investors having to rely on two-dimensional floor plans to assess the value of an investment, they can walk through an interactive virtual world and explore developments before they exist in the physical world.