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Entrepreneur Development vs. Startup Incubation

- October 8, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

It’s not difficult to find a frustrated entrepreneur from our ecosystem whenever small businesses, lifestyle companies and startups get painted with the same brush. Small businesses are just that – small versions of big businesses. Startups, on the other hand, as Steve Blank drilled into our heads during my time with him in January during the Lead LaunchPad for Accelerators / Incubators programme at UC Berkeley, are temporary organisations searching for a repeatable and scalable business model.

News & Analysis

UNSW FounderLab now live as Lead Developer Gwilym Humphreys joins the team

- September 25, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

This week has seen seasoned developer and UNSW alumni Gwilym Humphreys come on board as Lead Developer for the FounderLab initiative – a world first on-campus service that seeks to give engineering students first hand exposure to multiple startup projects whilst simultaneously providing a professional product development service for non-technical entrepreneurial founders who apply competitively for the service.