Earlypay CEO James Beeson

ASX-listed Earlypay to acquire Melbourne fintech Timelio for $3 million – a quarter of the $12.5m investors poured into it

- November 7, 2023 2 MIN READ

ASX-listed Earlypay is acquiring invoice financing fintech Timelio in a deal that delivers a major haircut for the startup’s investors. The Melbourne fintech provides invoice and trade financing to Australian SMEs, but appears to have been on a downward trajectory for more than 12 months. Cofounders Charlotte and Andrew Petris left Timelio in mid-2022. Charlotte… Read more »


Founders depart fintech Timelio as it raises $7.5 million

- August 10, 2022 2 MIN READ

Timelio cofounders Charlotte and Andrew Petris have left the fintech they founded seven years ago, amid a $7.5 million raise. The pair did not back the round, a rights issue to shareholders completed on August 4. Four existing shareholders: Thorney Investments, Wilbow Group, Riversdale Capital Funding and David Roseman fully underwrote the raise, accounting for 82%… Read more »