That Startup Show is back to explore the metaverse and reboot the world

- November 16, 2021 2 MIN READ

 That Startup Show, the Melbourne-based webseries and podcast, returns for a new six-part season this Thursday, November 18. Series 3 is exploring the metaverse with the theme “reboot the world” from a virtual spaceship vibe for hosts tech journalist Rae Johnston and cultural commentator Benjamin Law. They’ll be talking to US businesswoman Randi Zuckerberg; UN Global… Read more »


That Startup Show founder Anna Reeves on 2019, the year ahead and the books you should read this summer

- December 23, 2019 5 MIN READ

  Anna Reeves co-founded the live & online TV series That Startup Show in 2017, to focus on Australia’s fast- growing entrepreneurial boom and the culture that surrounds it. That Startup Show is hosted by Rae Johnston and Benjamin Law and features comedy, banter and rising startups being “live mentored”. Find out more here. As… Read more »


Our media space grows stronger: Dan Ilic to host new ‘That Startup Show’

- July 2, 2014 3 MIN READ

The Startup Show which announced it’s launch and 6 month schedule today aims to do just this. The show which will be shot in front of a live audience will be hosted by comedian and self confessed technology geek Dan Ilic.

The format of the show will take on a vibe similar to that of John Oliver’s last week tonight and other panel style talk shows where issues and topics surrounding the startup scene are discussed with a comedic undertone, something which Ilic based on his past portfolio of work is well primed to take the lead on.