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Telstra cops new rules after it ‘put people’s privacy and safety at risk’ in 163,000 license breaches

- July 12, 2024 3 MIN READ

Australia’s communications watchdog has imposed new rules on Telstra after the telecommunications giant was found to have leaked the details of more than 140,000 people who requested their phone numbers not be shared publicly. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) said it had issued Telstra with “a remedial direction” following an investigation of the… Read more »

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The first big AI-led jobs cull is here, with Telstra shedding 2,800 workers in $350m cost cutting plan

- May 22, 2024 3 MIN READ

Up to 2,800 Telstra workers will be retrenched by year’s end, with Australia’s largest telecommunications carrier announcing plans to pare its workforce in an AI-driven “reset” of its enterprise arm including an overhaul of its Telstra Purple services business. The package of reforms is designed to contribute to $350 million in cost savings as the… Read more »

Venture Capital

Telstra Ventures banks $500 million for Fund III focused on ‘c’

- September 13, 2022 2 MIN READ

Telstra Ventures has closed its third fund having raised $500 million to invest in what it calls “all the Cs”: cloud, cyber, crypto (including blockchain), carbon and climate, coders, creators and consumers. The corporate VC arm of Australia’s largest telco is based in San Francisco and primarily invests in tech firms, having made 88 investments in… Read more »


Telstra’s tech arm goes on IoT acquisition spree, buying two more startups

- January 31, 2022 2 MIN READ

Telstra Purple, the telecommunication giant’s business technology services offshoot, is acquiring two local tech startups to bolster its IoT capabilities. The deals include Aqura Technologies, a subsidiary of ASX-listed Veris, snapped up for $30 million – figure that nearly matches the parent company’s market cap. Aqura supplies tech and telecommunications infrastructure solutions including industrial wireless,… Read more »

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Telstra and data science company Quantium launch a joint venture to drill down into data for industrial customers

- November 15, 2021 2 MIN READ

Australia’s biggest telco and data science Quantium plan to launch a joint venture business Telstra says will “unlock the potential of data and AI” for the company and its customers. Sydney-based Quantium is a global leader in using artificial intelligence (AI) to translate raw data into actionable insights. The Woolworths-backed business now operates in 20… Read more »

Other tech

Telstra is backing Airspeeder, the wild F1-style flying electric car racing concept

- September 22, 2021 2 MIN READ

Telstra is getting behind plans for a F1-style racing competition using flying electric cars currently being developed in South Australian by Airspeeder and sister venture Alauda Aeronautics. The concept of aerial F1 racing is the brainchild of entrepreneur Matt Pearson, founder of both ventures. Pearson has already collaborated with a a team of experts from… Read more »

Other tech

Telstra is refunding $25 million to 49,000 NBN customers who couldn’t get the broadband speeds they were promised

- July 7, 2021 2 MIN READ

Telstra will refund more than 49,000 customers around $50 million after Australia’s largest telco failed to tell them they had internet plans that physically could not deliver the NBN internet speeds they were paying for in another embarrassing failure of the NBN. But the refunds are only occurring following intervention by the Australian Communications and Media… Read more »


Tens of thousands of Telstra customers have had email problems for more than a month

- September 11, 2020 2 MIN READ

Thousands of Telstra customers around the country have been hit by an email outage that’s left them unable to access their emails. The outage is proving catastrophic for many, with some small business owners claiming they have been affected by the outage since early August.A quick perusal of Telstra’s outage page indicates users across residential,… Read more »


Expert360 co-founder Bridget Loudon is joining the Telstra board

- August 11, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

One of Australia’s leading young female entrepreneurs, Expert360 co-founder Bridget Loudon, is joining the board of Telstra. Telstra chairman John Mullen announced the appointment to the ASX on Tuesday saying that Loudon was a leader in how organisations transform themselves using technology. “Her passion for solving customer problems and entrepreneurial thinking is also evident and… Read more »


5 things you should know about tech today

- March 5, 2020 3 MIN READ

1. Airbnb’s IPO may call in sick 007 is not the only one (see below) laid low by coronavirus. Airbnb’s much-anticipated IPO, previously announced for 2020, may be delayed until 2021, Bloomberg reports. Like many in the travel and tourism sector, Airbnb’s been hit hard by the sudden contraction brought on by travel bans and… Read more »