Australia bumps up tech jobs migration with 6,800 more places

- September 5, 2022 2 MIN READ

The Australia government will offer 6,800 extra permanent migration places for tech sector workers as part of a major boost to migration this financial year. Immigration, citizenship and multicultural affairs minister Andrew Giles announced the increase during the Jobs and Skills Summit last Friday. An extra 35,000 people will be accepted in 2022-23 taking the… Read more »


Australia’s tech talent bubble could be about to burst too – here’s what happens next

- July 5, 2022 5 MIN READ

Ask any founder their top three challenges, and talent is likely to feature amongst them. Record low unemployment, closed international borders, the great resignation, remote workers, soaring salaries and a global skills shortage have created the most complex talent crisis in the modern era. Business leaders plead with government and the education sector to solve… Read more »