As it prepares to IPO ingogo begins to reveal their plans beyond Taxis

- July 15, 2014 3 MIN READ

After an interesting conversation with Petrie on Friday afternoon, it became quite apparent to me that ingogo is perhaps not just the “taxi booking” application the media have been writing about and is in fact so much more. In fact the potential makes their number on competitor Cabcharge look a little bit like small fish.


Q&A Ned Moorefield from GoCatch

- January 30, 2013 5 MIN READ

Andrew Campbell and Ned Moorfield from goCatch saw an industry that was ripe for disruption and decided that was a gap that needed to be filled. The media loved it, the taxi industry not so much, and almost everyone had an opinion on the state of paid transport in NSW. We talked to Ned Moorfield about goCatch, where it is now and how it’s managed to stay successful.