Shark Tank

Shark Tank fintips: entrepreneurs share their best advice for getting bites from investors

- March 14, 2023 5 MIN READ

Fins have emerged from the water again as Shark Tank announces its return to Australian television after a five-year long hiatus! The highly anticipated return of Australia’s beloved business reality TV show can be make or break for those businesses who get the opportunity to swim with sharks. Based on the Japanese Dragon’s Den format,… Read more »


7 ways to connect more effectively as a startup

- July 20, 2020 6 MIN READ

  2020 has been quite the year, especially for startups. We’ve had fires, floods, pandemics and mass unrest. It’s been a year in which we’ve all pledged to consume less, do more, listen more carefully and unlearn what we have previously been told. As businesses, we’ve watched on the sidelines, guessing when it’s appropriate for… Read more »