Perth startup Bakeswap is a social networking platform helping parents fill their child’s lunchbox

- February 16, 2016 4 MIN READ

For kids, morning tea and lunchtime are undoubtedly the highlights of the school day, but for parents, filling the lunchbox each day can be a stressful exercise. They need to make sure they’re fulfilling their child’s nutritional needs while also accounting for the fact that, realistically, kids don’t like healthy veggie snacks, and make sure to mix in some variety so their child doesn’t get bored day in and day out. All this must be done without breaking the budget on expensive snacks.


No more lonely nights for the socially-inclined with Mustard app

- September 24, 2014 3 MIN READ

Mustard is a new app that allows users to see which of their friends are looking for something to do at any given time. Whether they’re free now, in the next two hours or all week, once these status details are updated on the app, users can message their keen-to-hang buddy and they’ve got their social life back instantly.


Startup Alphega introduces 3D social networking

- January 13, 2014 5 MIN READ

Imagine receiving a notification that an old-time friend you haven’t seen in years is just two streets away? Alphega allows just that. Launched in September last year, Alphega allows users to see – in 3D – social media updates that take place in their vicinity.