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Social media marketing startup Vamp names Gabriele Famous as its new CEO

- August 12, 2021 < 1 MIN READ

Global influencer and content platform Vamp has put leading marketing exec Gabriele Famous into the CEO role. Former CEO Gill Findlay has moved to the startup’s boardroom alongside co-founders Ben McGrath and Aaron Brooks. The duo said they were thrilled with their new chief exec. “Her experience in high-growth companies is exactly what’s needed to… Read more »

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Australian social media marketing startup Stackla is suing Facebook over being blocked from using its data

- September 24, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

Australian marketing startup Stackla is suing Facebook after the US social media giant banned the business from the site’s data in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The AFR reports that Stackla, co-founded in 2012 by Damien Mahoney and Peter Cassidy, lodged proceedings in the US District Court in San Francisco last week. Meanwhile,… Read more »


Apple needed Topsy, just not for social analytics

- December 18, 2015 3 MIN READ

All these acquisitions seemed ‘hot’ new inroads at that time, but have now seemed to have fizzled into a quasi acqui-hiring strategy for bigger players. Apple did indeed need Topsy, but perhaps just not for social analytics. This has opened up the space again for competitors as social media practitioners have been left out wondering where to fill the Topsy void.