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Social startup TravelGiver celebrates first birthday, new travel partners and launch of corporate programme

- September 16, 2014 2 MIN READ

It’s been a little over a year since TravelGiver – a travel booking site for socially-conscious travellers – was launched by founder Kimi Anderson. In celebration of its first year of growth, the startup has announced a range of new travel partners and charity projects, a corporate program for businesses, and the launch of a new website that will making the booking process easier.


Was ASIC influenced by a major Bank to target a yet to launch Social Enterprise?

- May 28, 2014 4 MIN READ

Earlier this year, we covered a story about Michael Fraser, who also goes by the moniker “The Arbitrator”. Mr Fraser identifies himself as a consumer and business relationship advocate and has recently made headlines regarding his ongoing interactions with senior members of the Commonwealth Bank. He is communicating with them on behalf of a number of alleged victims who say their complaints have not been heard by the institution.


Top 50 Social Crusaders and Change Makers 2014

- May 19, 2014 2 MIN READ

The changes these people are trying to make in the world are wide and varied, from cleaning up pollution of our waterways to continuing the fight for the status of women in our workforce. Each cause is important and each person is a true crusader giving a voice to many that are not fortunate enough to be in position to voice theirs.

Think Act Change: The Media, Gender, Power & Influence

Think Act Change: The Media, Gender, Power & Influence

- September 10, 2013 5 MIN READ

In a society where media is the most persuasive force shaping cultural norms, the collective message that our young women and men overwhelmingly receive is that a woman’s value and power lie in her youth, beauty, and sexuality, and not in her capacity as a leader. How and why should we change this? Last Tuesday ThinkActChange, tackled this question.