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Google is now 25, but could AI herald an early demise for the world’s most popular search engine?

- September 4, 2023 4 MIN READ

Today marks an important milestone in the history of the internet: Google’s 25th birthday. With billions of search queries submitted each day, it’s difficult to remember how we ever lived without the search engine. What was it about Google that led it to revolutionise information access? And will artificial intelligence (AI) make it obsolete, or… Read more »

Marqo cofounders Jesse Clark and Tom Hamer

Former Amazon duo bank $8.1 million Seed round for Marqo, the AI-powered search engine that finds better stuff

- August 17, 2023 2 MIN READ

A Melbourne startup founded by two former Amazon employees to improve online search for related objects has raised US$5.2 million (A$8.1m) in a Seed round led by Blackbird. Marqo is an AI-powered vector search engine. Vector search is a way to find related objects with similar characteristics using machine learning to find semantic relationships. The raise was… Read more »