No, the customer is NOT always right

- June 5, 2014 3 MIN READ

As business owners though, you have the power to protect yourself and your staff from undue stress and constant headaches. Sometimes the time it takes to deal with a serial complainer could be better spent bringing on 10 new clients that would result in 10 times the amount of revenue.


Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition [event]

- April 4, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

In a world with too many competitors and not enough resources, the only solution is for businesses to get wiser with how they create new opportunities. This class will use 4 real-world examples to demonstrate how certain companies stay ahead of the curve when it comes to online lead generation whilst the majority lags behind.


Video Clips, a clever way to capture customers!

- March 27, 2013 3 MIN READ

Whether it’s tuning in to the Harlem Shake dance phenomenon, searching how to cook a lamb roast or watching a screeching goat belt out a Taylor Swift song (admittedly, not our finest moment), we’ve all been guilty of getting caught up in the addictive world of YouTube at one time or another.

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Why team culture will help your business succeed faster

- February 18, 2013 3 MIN READ

Having survived two and a half years, with our third store on the way and with almost 25 staff, we have grown organically and independently (no capital investors or franchisees) in what some might say is a short amount of time. How we have been able to achieve this is not pure luck but instead it has come from the hard work, passion and dedication from the team of people that work with us. I always tell everyone that our team work with us and not for us. There is a profound difference when you hire people to just do a job and get paid – to the people that you hire because they believe in your company and want to join you for the ride.


Growth Hacking & Experiments [event]

- January 18, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Growth hackers are a hybrid of marketer and coder, one who looks at the traditional question of “How do I get customers for my product?” and answers with A/B tests, landing pages, viral factor, email deliverability, and Open Graph. Some of the most successful startups of all time have used growth hacking techniques to grow products up to millions, 10s of millions, and in some cases 100M+ users, including Facebook, Mint, Dropbox, Zynga, Twitter, Pinterest and Quora.

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Help! I hate my Staff!

- January 18, 2013 4 MIN READ

Back in 2006, I faced the challenge of recruiting my first team when I established my company Zest Marketing Concepts. In order for the company to grow, I needed people. I was eager and enthusiastic about being someone’s boss… little did I know I had a lot to learn! 7 years, 10,000 interviews, 6 offices and 300 staff members later, I feel I can confidently manage and give advice on this topic!


5 Industries where startups will flourish in 2013

- January 7, 2013 2 MIN READ

I hardly ever write these kind of posts, mainly because they are bullshit based on some survey. Whilst the research may point to one particular industry or several that will go “boom” this year, at the end of the day I would rather sell people the truth that it doesn’t really matter what industry you start in, what will will ultimately determine your success is whether or not you get off your backside and make stuff happen. Execution is ALWAYS more important than industry.

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Managing Growth

- August 27, 2012 5 MIN READ

I guess it is suffice to say that any start up would want to be faced with the problem of managing growth! It’s a challenge we’d all like to have, and ultimately (hopefully) every business is likely to face it at some point or another, if not multiple times.


How Hark became the Number 1 Pop Culture Soundbite Platform

- August 16, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

US based startup Hark is celebrating their massive growth month on month and their new title of the world’s number one Pop Culture Soundbite Platform. With more than 50 million visitors a month world wide visting their platform each month searching for those groundbreaking sound clips from movies and interviews that you just HAVE to hear again.


77% of SMB’s Expect to Grow over the Next 12 Months!

- July 25, 2012 3 MIN READ

thinkBIG 2012 revealed that 76 per cent of SME owners now undertake formal planning, which is a massive jump of 30 per cent compared with 2011. This suggests a clear shift in SME owners’ focus on business planning. Andrew Graham, national head of business solutions RSM Bird Cameron, said, “The fact that the number of owners now doing a formal business plan has almost doubled shows that they understand its importance.