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Tesla’s global chair, Robyn Denholm, worries Australia’s grown complacent and afraid of risk

- December 5, 2019 3 MIN READ

  Robyn Denholm, the Australian businesswoman who’s now global chair of Elon Musk’s tech company Tesla, wants everyone in her homeland to embrace risk and is worried the nearly three decades of uninterrupted economic growth has made people complacent. Denholm (pictured above), who grew up in the western Sydney suburb of Milperra and rose to… Read more »


Is guilt a bug or a feature?

- May 16, 2014 4 MIN READ

Both working at a startup and dating an unemployed MBA graduate made me feel guilty. I felt guilty of betting on something that had not yet been proven; guilty because of the education I had gotten, much to my parents’ sacrifice and effort, and for the jobs that I given up to take this startup risk.