Ed Husic
Quantum Computing

The federal government wants more quantum research commercialised – as it eyes off a US supplier for its secretive computer plan

- February 22, 2024 3 MIN READ

Quantum technologies are the “future of made in Australia’, federal industry minister Ed Husic said as he pushed for more quantum research commercialisation in Australia. Husic made a speech at a Quantum Australia event on Wednesday morning, focusing on the federal government’s National Quantum Strategy and efforts to make Australia a quantum powerhouse in the… Read more »

Ed Husic
Quantum Computing

Australia and the UK are collaborating on quantum tech

- November 6, 2023 2 MIN READ

Australian industry and science minister Ed Husic and the UK secretary of state for science, innovation and technology, Michelle Donelan, have agreed to cooperate on quantum technologies, signing a joint statement on collaboration between the two nations during the AI Safety Summit in England.  Husic said the arrangement will open channels for more investment between UK… Read more »

AQC cofounders Tom Stace and Arkady Federov
Quantum Computing

Uniseed backs Queensland’s first quantum hardware startup with $3 million round

- October 30, 2023 2 MIN READ

  Two University of Queensland professors have launched a quantum hardware startup with $3 million from Australia’s oldest VC fund, Uniseed. Analog Quantum Circuits (AQC) is the brainchild Professor Tom Stace and Associate Professor Arkady Federov following a decade of research. The startup plans to design and fabricate advanced superconducting devices for quantum computing. It’s the first… Read more »

Silicon Quantum Computing founder Michelle Simmons

UNSW quantum founder Michelle Simmons wins $250,000 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science

- October 17, 2023 2 MIN READ

Silicon Quantum Computing founder Professor Michelle Simmons has won the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science for her pioneering work in the cutting edge sector. The awards were announced by prime minister Anthony Albanese, with scientists working in biotechnology and teaching also recognised. It’s a lucrative win for Simmons, who receives $250,000 as part of the… Read more »

Prof Andrew Dzurak
Quantum Computing

Q-CRTL, Diraq & Quantum Brilliance share $7 million in grants from NSW government commercialisation fund

- July 25, 2023 2 MIN READ

University of NSW quantum computing startup Diraq has won the lion’s share of a one-off NSW government $7 million quantum commercialisation fund, pocketing $3 million, alongside $2.34m for Professor Michael Biercuk’s Q-CTRL and $1.44m for Quantum Brilliance. The former Coalition government announced NSW Quantum Computing Commercialisation Fund (QCCF) late last year, with applications closing before… Read more »

Nomad Atomics cofounders Christian Freier, Kyle Hardman and Paul Wigley

ANU physicists raise $10 million in a Series A for their quantum sensor startup, Nomad Atomics

- July 3, 2023 3 MIN READ

A deep tech startup cofounded by three globally recognised atomic physicists at Australian National University has raised $12 million to develop miniaturised quantum sensors for mining, underground resources and navigation. The round was led by existing investor Blackbird with support from Right Click Capital. A previous Seed round raised $2 million, with ANU also on… Read more »

Michelle Simmons, Ed Husic
Quantum Computing

Quantum of Straya: founders praise Australia’s new Quantum Strategy

- May 4, 2023 3 MIN READ

Australia’s long-awaited first National Quantum Strategy launched on Wednesday as the government looks to cement the country’s position as a world leader in quantum technologies which are forecast to create 19,400 jobs by 2045. The strategy focuses on five critical themes relating to the development, investment, and use of quantum technologies; securing the industry’s supply… Read more »

Michelle Simmons, Ed Husic
Quantum Computing

Ed Husic tips $4.6 million in federal funding into quantum training

- April 13, 2023 2 MIN READ

The Australian government is backing the quantum sector with $4.6 million in funding to improve education and collaboration.  National science organisation CSIRO has scored $3.6 million to fund up to 20 PhDs in quantum technology under the Australian Quantum Graduates Program. A further $1 million goes to the Sydney Quantum Academy through the National Quantum… Read more »

Ed Husic
Quantum Computing

Science minister Ed Husic on quantum: ‘Have the ambition to be a big player, not a bit player’

- February 23, 2023 5 MIN READ

We believe in our quantum ecosystem and its role in Australia’s economic prosperity and national security. Australia has long had an outsized impact on quantum research. The people who have had their training in quantum in Australia are now in leadership roles in research, industry and government here and around the world. When it comes… Read more »

Quantum Brilliance, Andrew Horsley, Marcus Doherty, Mark Luo.

Quantum computer startup Quantum Brilliance lands $26 million raise

- February 15, 2023 2 MIN READ

Canberra quantum computing startup Quantum Brilliance, has raised US$18 million (A$26m) as it looks to expand internationally. The raise was backed by Breakthrough Victoria, which chipped in $8 million, as well as CSIRO VC fund Main Sequence, Investible, Ultratech Capital, MA Financial, Jelix Ventures, Rampersand and CM Equity. The capital is to expand international operations, deliver… Read more »

Other tech

The quantum tech arms race is ramping up – and it will dramatically change national security

- April 4, 2022 3 MIN READ

Quantum technology, which makes use of the surprising and often counterintuitive properties of the subatomic universe, is revolutionising the way information is gathered, stored, shared and analysed. The commercial and scientific potential of the quantum revolution is vast, but it is in national security that quantum technology is making the biggest waves. National governments are… Read more »