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Business strategy

Product-market: How to read the right signals to ensure what you’re selling is what customers really want

- October 12, 2021 4 MIN READ

Last week I was chatting with a founder who claimed they had achieved product-market fit with their novel technology business. She and her co-founder had been working hard on the product for months. Their solution was in beta, it already had several users, and was generating valuable feedback from these users. She proudly explained that… Read more »


Solving high-value, underserved problems is the only thing that matters for Australian startups

- May 27, 2015 4 MIN READ

There has been a lot of recent discussion surrounding the role of startups, venture capital, Government, STEM education and various other elements that factor into Australia’s ability to be an effective creator of new economic and societal value. However, a large portion of the content has been fixated on certain inadequacies that currently inhibit our ability to execute innovation regularly at meaningful scale.