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MishGuru’s pivot saw the startup raise $500,000 and gain traction in the United States

- February 15, 2016 < 1 MIN READ

Sometimes a company needs to pivot to a point that it almost becomes a completely new business. When New Zealand founded startup MishGuru was originally accepted into New Zealand’s Lightning Lab accelerator program, the original concept was that it would be a platform that allowed users to to custom design and print their own 3D horse shoes. The long term vision was to automate and disrupt the way the Equine industry shoed horses.

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IT Genius changed its entire go-to-market strategy four years ago and emerged a more profitable company

- February 11, 2016 < 1 MIN READ

Peter Moriarty was just 15 years old when he started what is now known as IT Genius Australia. He loved computers and would occasionally skip school to assist his ‘customers’ with their PC issues – back then, a cloud was a white fluffy thing in the sky and not even Moriarty quite grasped where this IT gig he performed for pocket money would eventually lead to just over a decade later.

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There is no such thing as a Pivot

- October 11, 2013 2 MIN READ

The month was February 2012 and myself and three other cofounders held a launch party to announce a new venture we had been working on to the world, that business was a new application called Cofounda.


Housenet: The neighbourhood social network

- September 24, 2013 4 MIN READ

Many of us have lived in the same neighbourhood for years without speaking a single word outside ‘hello’ to our neighbours. Startup Housenet is here to intervene! This new social network connects residents from the same suburb who are free to discuss all that’s happening around the area.


myspace: the pivot, the resurrection, a new focus.

- December 12, 2012 2 MIN READ

I remember in 2006 I was an avid myspace user, in fact most days were spent flicking between my myspace page and actual work that I was meant to be doing at the office. Then came facebook, I resisted, I converted – I never looked at myspace again. Until today, where I joined the new myspace – and I must say I love what they have done with the place.


Posse Launches – Are you Sharing Your World?

- June 25, 2012 2 MIN READ

For the last couple of weeks, new startup Posse has been admitting a limited number of individuals into it’s “gates” every day. The company made a major pivot recently and closed another 1.2 million dollar funding round from a group of US and Australian based investors.