The only Uber of anything is Uber

- July 29, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

We are at that point in the “on demand economy” cycle. The very few breakouts– Airbnb, Lyft and Uber are pretty much it, and Uber dominates the field in users, valuation, and funding– can raise billions each and are being encouraged to grow as fast as possible. [Source: Pando.com]


Help wanted: Twitter CEO. Requirements: Denial, fatalism.

- June 15, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

Marlon Brando once complained that working on the set of a troubled film was like trying to do a crossword puzzle while falling down an elevator shaft. That description came to mind today because it fits perfectly a job in Silicon Valley that recently opened up: CEO of Twitter. [Source: Pando.com]