Entrepreneur writes open letter to Red Cross Blood Service

- February 6, 2013 4 MIN READ

19 year old entrepreneur Brandon Cowan has been praised in Media over the last 2 years for his successful apps and philanthropic work in creating apps for organisations and communities that help them be more effective in reaching their goals and mission. Recently he has been reaching out to the Red Cross Blood Service to create an app for them in order to help increase repeat blood donation, after reaching out a number of times, he has decided to write an open letter in order to get the attention of the “right” person he needs to talk to within this part of the organisation. Share this one folks, it’s an important issue, and the app can actually help save lives.


An Open Letter to EVERY Politician …

- August 20, 2012 2 MIN READ

When I go and cast my vote on election day, I vote based on what you say you are going to deliver to the community, what problems you are going to fix and who I find the most inspiring. However EVERY election at all levels that I have voted in since I was able to legally vote at the age of 18 has left me on the whole, feeling … well disappointed.