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AppInstruct teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage $53 billion app economy

- November 13, 2013 2 MIN READ

Australian education startup AppInstruct has just launched an online course to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to turn their app concept into a commercial success. Co-Founded by Nicholas Wright, Vijay Santhanam, Iain Dowling and Indy Chakrabarty, who have extensive experience in building commercial apps including Optus Recharge Now, AppInstruct combines technical and business skills to deliver a comprehensive and accelerated learning outcome.


Startup OpenLearning disrupts the education industry

- August 13, 2013 3 MIN READ

Forget blackboards and chalks. Forget long, theory-heavy lectures at 8am in the morning. Forget the online platforms that failed to make learning a more enjoyable experience. OpenLearning is set to excite students and teachers around the world who have long suffered the inadequacies of outdated educational tools.


Brainworth: Revolutionising Education

- August 15, 2012 2 MIN READ

So … I think I could learn to code python in like a week or so now, especially after seeing this awesome new startup the other day. Brainworth aims to make online education fun and engaging starting with a focus at tertiary level to begin with. Brainworth aims to bring about a change in online education by scaling the engagement of the user.