BizDojo doesn’t just want to be a coworking space provider, but a platform to connect New Zealand startups to global opportunities

- July 28, 2015 7 MIN READ

In Australia and New Zealand, coworking spaces are looking to differentiate themselves with perks like nap pods, coffee machines, ping pong tables, brainstorming rooms, and even play areas for working mothers with young children. But having a strong and tightly-knit community is the foundation of every successful coworking space.


Has Wellington created the most feminist tech ecosystem in the world?

- July 27, 2015 5 MIN READ

It shouldn’t have been surprising when I found myself sitting in front of so many women in tech during my visit to its capital Wellington last week, yet I did. The reason I found it surprising is because although Australia is only three hours away from this beautiful windy city, what I found was an ecosystem that was light-years ahead in terms of its diversity and celebration of its female founders and employees.


Banqer is integrating financial literacy into New Zealand classrooms

- July 23, 2015 3 MIN READ

Wellington based startup Banqer is an online platform that facilitates the teaching of financial education in the classroom in a fun engaging way creating a virtual ‘classroom currency’. Children have their own bank accounts and get a rich online experience in what it means to be in charge of your own personal finances.


Will Yudoozy be the next iteration of the freelancing platform?

- June 16, 2015 4 MIN READ

New Zealand based startup Yudoozy believes that it could be the next iteration of the well established ‘freelancing platform concept’ with its business model that goes against the grain, taking no commissions, not having freelancers bid for jobs and not seeing itself as the middleman platform in which all communications between employer and freelancer must take place.


Should startups be obsessed with becoming a Unicorn company?

- May 1, 2015 6 MIN READ

Within the last 12 months the global tech startup ecosystem has seen more companies than ever before rise to the status of unicorn. Just this week hipster glasses ecommerce play Warby Parker joined the club with its new billion dollar valuation. In fact, it’s starting to become an occurrance that happens every other month with New York based marketing startup Sprinklr reaching a $1.17 billion valuation in March.