Road Angels: The Airtasker of roadside assistance

- December 19, 2013 5 MIN READ

Today’s most successful startups are not those who have reinvented the wheel, but those that have uncovered a niche market in desperate need of improvement – one that can benefit from current technological trends and already has an established customer base. The three-man team behind Road Angels has leveraged this principle, and has all the right moves in place to disrupt the roadside assistance industry.


Intelligent new app takes the stress out of car parking

- September 9, 2013 4 MIN READ

Driving around in circles trying to find a free parking space is bad enough as it is without being fined when you’ve accidentally gone a few minutes overtime. The soon-to-be-launched mobile app, ParkMeApp not only helps drivers avoid fines, but notifies them of available parking spaces should they need to move to a different spot.


It’s time for your business to GettBusy!

- September 4, 2013 2 MIN READ

Entrepreneurial mastermind, Alex Jeffery has a new product in the market that’s ready to get bricks and mortar businesses busier than ever. GettBusy is a suite of services and resources for small businesses who are yet to adopt new technologies.


New app helps fishermen avoid hefty fines

- August 28, 2013 3 MIN READ

When you’re on a boat in the middle of an ocean, a paper map isn’t always useful in helping you locate yourself. Launched in July 2012, Marines Zones is “the real fisherman’s friend”. The three-app range helps recreational fishermen avoid hefty fines by alerting them when they’re in a no-fish zone in Australia.


Shout a mate through new app

- August 9, 2013 3 MIN READ

New app Shout is a channel for people to make micro-donations to any cause through their smartphone, embodying the Australian ethos of a ‘shout’ – looking after your mates.


New app Clipp takes the nuisance out of bar tabs

- August 7, 2013 3 MIN READ

Ever left your credit card at the restaurant having to rush back for it later? Ever wished you could walk out of the bar after a social gathering instead of having to stick around for the tab? Aussie entrepreneur Greg Taylor has come to our rescue by developing a solution that takes all the nuisances away from traditional payment methods.