Being in the media does not get you sales

- December 18, 2012 2 MIN READ

I think we sometimes celebrate things way to early in the startup space. Sure achievements and milestones should be acknowledged, the small wins along the way are very important. What puzzles me is when people equate getting an article in the media with the idea that doing that is going to bring about a sustainable customer base for their business. Sorry startups, it’s not. Selling = Sales and Media = Perception.


The Media Moguls

- November 28, 2012 2 MIN READ

Oscar Martin and Chris Wirasinha are fast becoming two of the most influential figures in the Australian media landscape. Their meeting at digital agency Universal Maccan almost 10 years ago now, back in their early twenties instigated plans for the pair to write and produce their own television show. As the idea pivoted and research was done around the subject, they decided to do something that back in the early 2000’s was a pretty new concept – produce a free DVD magazine.


How to: Get PR right, in the early stages.

- November 26, 2012 3 MIN READ

I get a lot of emails / phone calls / tweets /facebook messages etc every week all asking me the same questions around how people can get a story or video up on the site about the business venture they are starting, because let’s face it, when you are boot strapping have zero dollars to your name and big dreams in your head, you will never be able to afford a PR firm to represent you at the beginning.


If all else fails … dress like a sexy unicorn

- October 18, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Talking to media is actually pretty easy, once you stop being a selfish startup founder that just wants people to talk about you and how good you are for creating the next big thing – then you will probably start getting somewhere. In order to help you along I decided to make a picture book.


Gina, Fairfax and the Vulture.

- June 19, 2012 2 MIN READ

I have, [like I am sure pretty much every small publisher with an online news site and blog has] been watching the past 24 hours VERY closely when it comes to Fairfax. As much as it sucks that thousands of people will lose their jobs from Fairfax [and we have heard the same will be happening at News Ltd] – I must confess that I did somewhat get excited by the hype and like a vulture began circling their business looking at the weak spots – where do the opportunities lie for me in the situation?


5 Tips for Getting the Media Spotlight.

- June 15, 2012 3 MIN READ

I am constantly – and I mean CONSTANTLY surprised everyday – Yes EVERYDAY – at just how many people don’t know how to approach the media when they want to have their story told. The thing is, personally I don’t even consider myself a huge media outlet, our whole purpose for this site is to be as accesible as possible to startups and we do a fairly good job at that – even as we grow month on month.


Should Media & Business be Biased around public Campaigns?

- June 6, 2012 2 MIN READ

I was really trying not to let this one annoy me, but the Australian Christian Lobby campaign against Sunrise and Marie Claire’s support of “I Do” day this Thursday really had me thinking about something today – Is it ok for Media to support public causes and campaigns or should we always try to remain neutral on such matters?