The 5 Keys to Get your Customers Raving About You!

- June 22, 2012 2 MIN READ

Last week I was waiting for a parcel to be delivered by a freight company. After 7 calls, what felt like ‘endless hours’ spent on hold, five promises that it will arrive ‘tomorrow’, it finally made it what feels like years later (it probably only was a couple of days)! This made me think about customer service and how important it is no matter how big or small the business.


Is Digital Publishing the Future of Communication?

- June 21, 2012 2 MIN READ

Digital publishing is becoming more and more popular for small and medium sized businesses providing another way to communicate and stay in touch with customers. The beauty of digital publishing is that it blends the benefits of the online and offline world as a lot of people still love the look and feel of a printed magazine, but do like the idea of saving paper (our trees!) by reading a magazine online.


Does Size Really Matter?

- June 19, 2012 2 MIN READ

So for your own business, think about how you can stand out by adding style, value or a point of difference without having to spend thousands of dollars on big advertising. Can you stand out by how you display, deliver or package your product? Or by the professionalism of your customer service?


1 Day Marketing Workshops!

- September 6, 2011 2 MIN READ

VMF have recently launched their new 1 day Marketing Plan workshop where you can get personalised coaching and build key elements of your marketing plan in just 1 day!