The LEEAP Project – Final Episode – BOSTON!

- February 28, 2013 1 MIN READ

We are finishing off with a Bang, home to the Red Sox and one of the most awesome startup scenes that have been uncovered on this journey. Boston sure knows how to Hustle! A Big thanks to ALL our sponsors who supported me and Shoe String on this incredible journey!


LEEAP Project, Episode 9 – NYC

- February 19, 2013 1 MIN READ

There are not many Australian’s that you would speak to who don’t dream of at least visiting New York city in their lifetime. But what about starting and building a business there? Simon heads deep into the urban jungle of startups and shows us what the big apple has to offer! Great Episode!


The LEEAP Project, Episode 8 – Washington.

- February 13, 2013 1 MIN READ

This week Simon touches down in the place where the power players of the entire country come to play, but is Washington just a place for senators and presidents? Come with us as we explore the not so well known [to us anyway] world of Washington startups, you’ll be very surprised at what we discover!


Leeap Project, Episode 6 – Austin, Texas.

- January 29, 2013 1 MIN READ

This week Simon heads to Austin, Texas. From Hidden rooms behind bookcases to a 22,000 foot startup space to hangout at. It seems that if Silicon Valley is the place that focuses on more social ventures than Austin is more about working in the B2B space. In this episode we talk to the CEO’s of Whoosh Traffic and Director of SXSW Hugh Forrest.


The Leeap Project Episode Five – Boulder

- January 21, 2013 1 MIN READ

This week Simon heads up to the mountain region and checks out the startup scene in Boulder, he chats to many tech entrepreneurs in this close tight knit community which is the home of The Unreasonable Institute and Techstars. Instead of surfing it seems that everyone in this city is all about the ski slopes!


The Leeap Project Episode Four – Seattle

- January 14, 2013 1 MIN READ

This week Simon heads to Seattle to check out what is happening in the Startup scene there. Highlights include chatting to Marc Nager, founder of Startup Weekend, Daniel Rossi, John Cook [co-founder of GeekWire] and Rahul Sood, the general manager of Microsoft’s seed fund Bing.


Merry Christmas Startups!

- December 24, 2012 1 MIN READ

It’s been a HUGE year this year for Shoe String, we have told the stories of over 1500 startups across Australia and look forward to upping the anti next year and turning this publication into a place that startups want to visit daily to consume their startup news, learn from the stories of others and engage in debate and opinion!


The Leeap Project Episode Two – San Diego

- December 24, 2012 1 MIN READ

This week on the LEEAP project we see Simon head over to San Diego and have a look at the startup scene there. Take a look at that coast line! We also have a chat with some of the leading faces of the startup scene in the city.


The Leeap Project Episode One – LA

- December 17, 2012 1 MIN READ

Over the next 10 weeks we will see Melbourne based entrepreneur Simon Walker explore 10 US startup cities in 20 days. In the first episode we look at the LA scene and some of the awesome stuff they are doing there as they grow their tech scene.