What not to do when pitching your startup to the media

- September 4, 2013 3 MIN READ

There’s no doubt editorial coverage can do wonders for your startup – helping you reach audiences that would otherwise be difficult. Public Relations practitioners are best suited to the role of connecting your business to the media, but if you cannot invest in PR, you can always contact the media directly and pitch your startup.


Why Every Startup Should Hire A Journalist!

- June 7, 2012 3 MIN READ

So you’ve finished your minimal viable product, had your launch and have a nice group of users. Now giving your product a whirl. You’re growing, but you’d like to grow faster. You’ve done your research into online marketing; you think that SEO, social media and blogging are probably the best ways of doing that. But you struggle to stay on top of it all; you’re not blogging as much as you should be, you’re not building inbound links, you’re not tweeting anymore, your Facebook page is a ghost town and your business is just not growing anymore.